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Backdrop in a Bag FAQ

Backdrop in a Bag FAQ

Backdrop in a Bag is a backdrop like no other.

A perfectly imperfect, flexible, portable, and reversible for maximum versatility: one side featuring less texture and the other more.   

A creative tool that celebrates and empowers process, color, and flow: Backdrop in a Bag is the hand painted background for you.  

Each one of a kind Backdrop in a Bag includes: 1- 5x7 hand painted muslin backdrop, 1 hand painted Studio Tote, and  2 heavy duty black clips.

Sold in limited quantities only: when a colorway or collection is sold out- they’re gone. And yes, shipping is (and will always be) free. 

How do I know which backdrop in the colorway I am purchasing?

Each hand painted Backdrop in a Bag is unique. Its tonal and textural nuance as well as the color interplay vary. The photographs in each listing depict the colorway and do NOT represent the exact backdrop and/or bag you will receive in your order.

If you are ordering from a specific collection (like Desertscapes) the backdrop will come in a matching Studio Tote whereas if you order a stand-alone, unique, "one-off" piece the bag will NOT necessarily coordinate with the backdrop. 

Will my Backdrop in a Bag have wrinkles and fold lines?

Yes. You can soften or entirely remove wrinkles by generously misting the entire surface of your backdrop with a spray bottle (which will fit perfectly in your bag) or use a steamer. Depending on your climate, and how thoroughly you saturate your backdrop, it can take 5 minutes to 1 hour to dry entirely. Use sweeping, slapping motions while you're spraying the backdrop to urge the wrinkles out. Or...embrace the crinkle/wrinkle texture.

Depending on your shooting style/apertures/film stocks/aesthetic/lens and which side of the backdrop you shoot the lines will vary in their intensity/visibility. 

The more you use, fold, hang, play with these lightweight, go anywhere wonders- the more mailable (and yours) they become. 

Want more crinkle and less lines? Try scrunching your backdrop into a ball and storing in a bag though, those crinkle lines may be more troublesome to remove so it may be a good idea to commit to this aesthetic preference in the long term. 

How do I fold it up? 

We prefer hamburger fold as 1- the gravity pull while hanging will naturally soften some of the horizontal lines and 2- it seems to be easier to fold it this way. 

Can I wash my backdrop? What about the bag?

Sure you can. As with our traditional canvas backdrops we say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so be mindful of where you clip, hang, drag, and lay your backdrop.

We recommend trying for a spot clean first. Do what calls you AND expect your backdrop's colors, textures, etc to dramatically fade and change in the washing process. To mitigate fading use cold water, mild detergent and hang dry. The bag will wash perfectly cold, air dry. It may fade in time. 

How often will Ultraviolet release Backdrop in a Bag? 

When we feel called. 4-6 releases in 2023 is our initial feeling. 

Do you plan to offer custom commissions for Backdrop in a Bag?

Not at this time, no. 

Will ya'll paint bigger sizes?

We do! Check out our BIG Backdrops in a Bag HERE

Will ya'll still make your classic canvas backdrops? 


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Ash - March 29, 2023

Hi, Sarah- no. We do not offer custom colors.

Sarah - March 29, 2023


Do you guys do a custom color backdrop in a bag?

thank you!

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