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About Us

Ashley Thalman and Matthew Peterson Ultraviolet Studios

Photo credit: Jonathan Canlas

Ultraviolet is more than just a backdrop company. We’re a creative couple driven by connection, our love for art, and the creative process. 

Matthew is the creative and practical powerhouse behind our work. He believes that the right backdrop can take any project from good to great. Drawing inspiration from the untamed beauty of nature, Matthew infuses each backdrop with a touch of the perfectly imperfect that celebrates nature and nuance with the unique character of each piece.

Ash brings the world of Ultraviolet to your fingertips. With a real-world understanding of the talents, needs, and aspirations of our clients, Ash ensures that every interaction with Ultraviolet is an informative and supportive one. From managing collaborations, to crafting useful and inspiring content, Ash is the driving force behind our commitment to offering a genuine and encouraging client experience. 

Together we are Ultraviolet Backdrops and we are dedicated to creating backdrops that transcend the ordinary. Our shared love for art, coupled with our commitment to serving and collaborating with the creative world, fuels our mission to provide photographers and creatives with extraordinary tools that enhance their work and push the boundaries of their expression.

When we aren’t painting we can be found reading, writing, spending time with our friends, discussing great stories, traveling, cooking delicious meals but most importantly loving and getting to know ourselves, each other, our kids.