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Free shipping to the lower 48- everyday!
Free shipping to the lower 48- everyday!

About Us

Photo credit to Jon Canlas 
We met on Bumble in 2017 and fell in love. Our earliest conversations centered around the same topics and theme they do now; art, philosophy, personal development through creativity, and community. It was from that place of shared passion, that we began offering spaces, places, and resources aimed at elevating and supporting the creative community.

It was from our since-closed Ultraviolet Studios that we began painting, sharing, and selling Ultraviolet Backdrops. What started out as a personally enriching hobby was welcomed by the broader creative community who discovered our unique, raw, eco-conscious paintings and thus Ultraviolet Backdrops was born. In the summer of 2020 we closed the doors to our studios to more fully devote ourselves to painting and other artistic and personal aims. We are appreciative of our artist friends whose enthusiasm, commissions, trades, and word-of-mouth recommendations help us make this creative venture what it is.

Each aspect of our business from design, painting, marketing, accounting, delivery and packaging is shared. Our kids often help in the studio with packaging, preparation, and organization making this a family-owned business.

When we aren’t painting we can be found reading, writing, discussing great films, traveling, loving and getting to know our kids, and cooking delicious meals.