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Our Spring 2022 backdrops and flatlays are live! For future releases sign up for our email list at the bottom of our site.
Our Spring 2022 backdrops and flatlays are live! For future releases sign up for our email list at the bottom of our site.

Backdrop FAQ's


 R E N T A L S

We offer nation-wide rental options. Please contact Ashley (801)319-7114 for pricing and availability. 

How do I rent a backdrop? 
We offer 2-day and 7-day rental options for Utah locals and custom rentals for our out-of-state clients. Once you've got a good idea of the dates and uses text Ashley at 801-319-7114 to confirm the availability of your desired backdrops. Once you receive confirmation that your drops are available Ashley will walk you through the rental process. 

Do you offer delivery service?
We offer local Utah delivery, pick-up, and set-up! For detail see HERE.

I don’t have sandbags, c-stands, backdrop stands, or clips. Can I rent those too?
Yes, see our rentals and essentials page for add on items.

What if I decide to purchase the backdrops? 

Great! And if you purchase the backdrop you rented, we'll discount the backdrop rental fee from its purchase price. Reach out to Ashley to complete your purchase.


How do I place a custom commission order?
We are not accepting custom commission orders at this time. For more details and updates click HERE. Ready to be on the wait list? Text Ashley at (801) 319-7114


Do you offer local delivery or pick-up?
Yes, as Utah locals you may pick up from our Woods Cross, Utah (12 minutes north of downtown SLC) studio or add delivery options in check out.

What sizes do you offer?
Our backdrops are offered in 8 staple sizes. Each listing contains the exact measurements of our paintings. xxL+ (10'x16) xxL (10x12) xL+ (8'x16') xL (8x12) L+ (6x12) L (6x10) M (5x7) S (4x6) Mini (<4x6)

What size is best for my project?
First and foremost keep in mind that you can hang your drops vertically and/or horizontally as preferred.

  • Large to xxL+ painting are best for larger groups, large rooms as interior installations, large product or (if you prefer) “negative space” for single portraits. 
  • L and L+ are by far the most common size allowing for easy transport, versatility for small group portraits, plenty of space for framing a single subject/product, and for interior installations.
  • Medium and Small (4’-5’ x 6-7’) drops are suited best for single headshots, draping, multi-drop layering installations, product photography, backdrops for still-life painting as well as interior vignette installations.
  • Mini paintings offer beautiful flat lay backgrounds or hung art that are entirely one-of-a-kind.

What equipment do I need to hang my backdrop?
While we’ve got some tips, the versatility of mounting options our clients come up with are amazing so feel free to explore.

Most commonly we employ the following systems and encourage our clients to do the same:


If you've seen our classic backdrop set up anytime from 2021 forward this is our more sought after, highly acclaimed hang option. Not only is is sleek and minimal allowing a stunning artistic presentation of the painting, it is also ridiculously easy to store, transport, and use even as a single photographer.

You'll notice we've added sandbags to this list for a reason. C-stands are heavy and can be dangerous unless secured so be sure to SANDBAG EVERYTHING whether you're indoors or out. 

Click the items below for direct links to the listed products.

C-Stand kit- See that arm? That's what makes it a kit. You'll need one per backdrop set up. 

Sandbags- You need these. Buy all of them and then run to the hardware store for a bag of sand and fill the bags with a cup. It can be a lil messy so do it outdoors or use a drop cloth/towel/sheet to catch the sand and make pick-up easy. 

Impact 3" clamp- This is the fancy bit that will hold your backdrop. 

2- Classic tripod and cross bar backdrop stands

While there are a myriad of backdrop stands available on Amazon for purchase we have a special love for the Photoflex Pro Duty. It's not the cheapest option for a reason and sells out frequently. 

Setting the crossbar width just wider than the drop/PVC/wooden dowel mount width you may either thread the crossbar through the PVC, affix the canvas to the crossbar using clips, or drape the PVC/dowel mount over the cross bar and, if needed, clip the canvas to itself so it does not shift.

3- C-stands

Using either 1 or 2 C-stands you might 1- thread the cross arm through the PVC, 2- affix the canvas to the cross arms using clips, or drape the PVC/dowel mount over the cross arms and, if needed, clip the canvas to itself so it does not shift. 

Here is the C-Stand kit we recommend. Yep, click that title name to go right to the product page. The thing we dig about this is that you can use this c-stand to maximize versatility by using it for the clamp method described above.  

What do you use to hang your backdrops? They look so clean and seamless. 

Our favorite set up can be achieved with a c-stand kit + clamp. To purchase click the links. 

Photograph shared compliments of Steph Kirk for Sien + Co