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Midnight Mauve II #0318 // Mini Painting

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Ultraviolet Hand-Painted Canvas Backdrops // Midnight Mauve II #0318 Mini Painting 

Made for the minimal loving modernist who admires color but prefers a neutral palate this gray purple mauve offers earthen brown textures and depth. The reverse features a highly saturated cobalt reverse 


  • This 25.75"x35.75" mini painting is presented on 12-ounce cotton canvas hand-painted by Matthew Peterson at Ultraviolet Studios, Utah
  • Heavy weight
  • Photographs highlight notable areas.
  • Handmade in the USA with imported and domestic products
  • Collector may notice intermittent brush bristles or concentrations of paint embedded in the final work. We engage in creative experimentation and do not claim or seek for perfection.

Shipping and Policies:

  • Shipping & Handling costs are calculated beginning at $15. If shipping costs exceed this minimum (whether due to weight, unique sizing, East Coast shipping, or orders requiring multiple packages), the client will be invoiced for the difference upon shipping.
  • Local pick-up is offered to our Utah-based clients
  • All backdrops are available for rent and/or purchase
  • All sales are final

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