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Expanded- Heavy Metal #0483 //Small Hand-Painted Canvas Backdrop Painting

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Ultraviolet Backdrops // Expanded #0483

Ultraviolet Backdrops Heavy Metal Studies are inspired by the long-game processes of oxidization, patina, erosion and time.

While it feels a little on-the-nose to call it "cosmic" but this painting embodies the very word. Turquoise, copper, charcoal, soil, and star-like speckles drip rich over this small, but mighty cosmic drop. 


  • Small 3'7"x5'2"
  • 12-ounce cotton canvas hand-painted by Matthew Peterson at Ultraviolet Studios, Utah
  • Light weight 
  • 4 lb 13 oz
  • Detail photos feature bottom left, center, and top right portions of the listed backdrop, in that order. Any subsequent images highlight notable areas.
  • Handmade in the USA with imported and domestic products
  • Collector may notice intermittent brush bristles or concentrations of paint embedded in the final work. We engage in creative experimentation and do not claim or seek for perfection.

Shipping and Policies:

  • Free shipping for clients in the lower 48. Ordering from Hawaii, Alaska or Canada? Reach out to Ash via our chat or contact page. 
  • Local pick-up is offered to our Utah-based clients
  • All backdrops are available for rent and/or purchase
  • All sales are final

"Once you can accept the universe as a matter expanding into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy."- Albert Einstein