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Heavy Metal Series (Copper) #0173 // Medium Canvas Painting

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Spring 2021 Collection // #0173

Ultraviolet’s Heavy Metal Series are inspired by the long-game processes of oxidization, patina, erosion and time. The copper, iron, and bronze affects are achieved by a multi-step processes and applications. Our exploration of objects of enduring design made better for their endurance, continues. This backdrop is painted on our thin fine art canvas.

Notes on #0137 Copper Patina- Aged copper blues and warm copper sheeting scratched and graying from top to bottom for a wabi sabi old world perfect. Highly metallic medium patina with a stiff starched finish.

Detail photos feature bottom left, center, and top right portions of the listed backdrop, in that order. Any subsequent images highlight notable areas.


  • Medium format drop (precisely 5'x7')

  • Hand-painted by Matthew Peterson on 12-ounce medium weight cotton canvas at Ultraviolet Studios, Utah

  • Handmade in the USA with imported and domestic products

  • Collector may notice intermittent brush bristles or concentrations of paint embedded in the final work. We engage in creative experimentation and do not claim or seek for perfection.


  • Shipping & Handling costs are calculated beginning at $60. If shipping costs exceed this minimum (whether due to weight, unique sizing, East Coast shipping, or orders requiring multiple packages), the client will be invoiced for the difference upon shipping. 

  • Local pick-up is offered to our Utah-based clients

  • All backdrops are available for rent and/or purchase

  • All sales are final

    “An intense copper calm, like a universal yellow lotus, was more and more unfolding its noiseless measureless leaves upon the sea.” - Herman Melville