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How to Hang a Hand Painted Canvas Backdrop Using a C-Stand Kit and Vice Grip

How to Hang a Hand Painted Canvas Backdrop Using a C-Stand Kit and Vice Grip

"What's the best way to hang a backdrop?"

While there are several options for hanging canvas backdrops, one support system is far superior. Here's why:

The c-stand + jaw vice grip backdrop stand system is the single most versatile, sturdy, and dependable way to hang a canvas backdrop, no matter the size. 

A little history...

Before discovering the c-stand + jaw vice support system we purchased (and threw away) a dozen or so traditional backdrop stands. Why? They break. 

The joints and attachments fail first and manufacturers typically use difficult to replace screws, pins, and fasteners meaning that though affordable, and widely available, traditional backdrop stands simply aren't built to last.

Enter The C-Stand Kit + Jaw Vice Grip Backdrop Support System

Here's why we, and our clients love it:

1- This backdrop support system lasts. 

We're big fans of enduring, high-quality gear AND we use our gear a lot both indoors and out. We've been using using our c-stand kits, jaw vice grips, and sandbags several times a week for over 3 years (as of 2023) and we've had no issues with any of the components of this support system. No lost screws, no bent cross bars, no creaky tripod supports. Phew!

2- This backdrop support system is super easy to set up, adjust, and tear down. 

While it's nice to have an assistant help you set up your backdrop, what about the times you're setting up alone? What about making adjustments to alignment and height? This backdrop stand makes set up, adjustments, and tear down a breeze. 

3- This backdrop support system looks good...damned good.

Big fans of clean, minimalist aesthetic we love the way this support system stays hidden showcasing the backdrops. 

So whether you're working indoors or out or perhaps a little of each this method is it...just don't forget the sandbags. 

Here's What You’ll Need: 

1- 40" Turtle Base C-Stand Kit:

Folds up easy, looks great, super wide stand base.

C-Stands come in a variety of colors, finishes and base widths. You'll notice this link is for a c-stand kit. The "kit" portion includes the c-stand itself, as well as a 40" swivel arm and grip head both of which are key components in this backdrop support system. 

1- Impact 3" Jaw Vice Grip:

Just shy of 4” wide this firmly grips your backdrop in the most minimal way. If you prefer to shop other brands or grip styles be certain you select the appropriate jaw width otherwise it won't be wide enough to grip the pipe your backdrop is mounted to. 
Jaw vice grips are made by various manufacturers, most notably the Cardellini and Matthelini brands. We've used them, we own them, and they're great but we prefer the Impact Jaw Vice because not only is it sleek and reliable, it's almost always in-stock whereas the other options can be tough to find.

1- Set of 4 Sandbags:

Sandbag everything. 

Take it from us: C-stands and backdrops are heavy! To protect yourself, your clients, your backdrop, and surroundings take our advise and SANDBAG EVERYTHING, every single time whether you're working indoors or out. 

The video below offers step by step instructions for using our preferred backdrop support system for hanging (mounting) your backdrop. Got questions, feedback, success stories?

Reach out via our contact page- we're here to help!

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