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How to Hang a Hand Painted Backdrop: C-Stand Kit and Vice Grip

"How do you hang a hand-painted backdrop?"

The embedded video offers step by step instruction of Ultraviolet's preferred backdrop support system for hanging (mounting) your backdrop. The vice grip and c-stand kit method provides a sleek, minimal presentation and is ridiculously easy to use, store, and transport- even without an assistant.

Tried and true, we use this set up nearly every day and it never fails. 

 You’ll need: 

1- 40" Turtle Base C-Stand Kit

Folds up easy, looks great, super wide stand base.

C-Stands come in a variety of colors, finishes and base widths. You'll notice this link is for a c-stand kit. The "kit" portion includes the c-stand itself, as well as a 40"swivel arm and grip head, key components for this mounting method. 

1- Impact 3" Jaw Vice Grip-

Just shy of 4” wide this firmly grips your backdrop in the most minimal way.
Grips of this sort are made by several manufacturers throughout the world, most notably the Cardellini and Matthelini brands. We've used them, we own them, and they're great but we prefer the Impact Jaw Vice because not only is it sleek and reliable but it's almost available and in-stock whereas the other options can be tough to find.

1- Set of 4 Sandbags

Sandbag everything. 

C-stands and backdrops are heavy! To protect yourself, your clients, your backdrop, and surroundings take our advise to SANDBAG EVERYTHING, every single time whether you're working indoors or out.

Let us know in the comments if you have questions or praise for this beautiful method.

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