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The Magic of Mistakes

The Magic of Mistakes

couple sits on studio floor

As we’ve grown our business or, in other words, grown a deeper capacity for sharing our work, and connecting with other people, we’ve learned a lot of very difficult/exciting ☯️ lessons. 

We make mistakes, we throw work out, we wrestle with ideas that don’t translate, we get our feelings hurt, we misunderstand and all that tumbles us along as we learn and explore the ultraviolet impulse: to make, to connect, to celebrate, to find presence, to see, to be seen, to enjoy life, to mourn, to love, to create.

Like you, we are flawed and yet- some light gets in. Both the, “Fun yay!” and the, “Oh shit!” moments matter deeply and work on us.

The chaotic-horrible-beauty-detritus of life never stops pushing in shaping and challenging us creativity translates, the frequency prevails: the art rises.

Today I posted a picture here on Instagram that I felt good about. I added some text in Canva and the image sufficiently communicated my point. What could go wrong? Well, if you look at it on the grid, it looks poorly intended.

When we first started out both as photographers (many 🌚 ago) and then almost 4 years ago painting, the littlest things like that would really crippled me but over time I’ve realized that while what we share has shape and life and energy and beauty all it’s own: it comes with its flaws and how we and others see those is itself valuable. We joke that our work is a Rorschach test. But isn’t everything?

woman in white jumpsuit takes photo

Our creative mistakes, oversights and not-knowings are the entry fee into refinement and more knowing which inevitably invokes more mistakes, more knowing and on and on ♾️.
There’s something about human flaw and continued possibility for improvement that repeatedly brings us back here.
Here where we share and meet and find and celebrate your work and our own.
Here to color, texture and the way light and dark make something.
Here to the present moment of connecting to our own perspective on what a
backdrop is and what that might mean.
Here to where we find that mistakes and little misses and bonks of the expressive sort are just the ones we need.

Matthew & Ash

All photos shot on film and shared compliments of Jonathan Canlas.
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