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Autumn's Herald #0792 Hand Painted Big Muslin Backdrop in a Bag

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Yellowing signs of the coming cool seasons begins our winter rest. This is an insanely layered multidimensional backdrop insists on going everywhere, hanging everywhere. 

Care tips: Heavy paint application makes for a heavier weight painting and a bit of a sheen on the reverse. Hang this one (or lay it out flat) for a bit to soften the lines that will surely show up as this backdrop arrives folded. A bit of water can speed up the relaxation process. 

Read our Backdrop in a Bag FAQ


  • 1- Double-sided, 5'8"x8'4" hand painted muslin backdrop 
  • 1- Hand painted canvas tote
  • 2- Heavy duty Spring Clamps

Features & Info:

  • First 3 images shot on film.
  • Crepey, worn-in tarp-like texture
  • Yellow, cream, green, white, gray
  • Heavyweight paint applications on lightweight muslin. Some will pass through this backdrop. 
  • 2-3 lbs
  • Arrives folded in a 17"x13.5"x4" bag

Shipping and Policies:

  • Free UPS ground shipping to all 50 states
  • Need rushed or international shipping? Please inquire.
  • All sales are final

"Watching the painter painting
And all the time, the light is changing
And he keeps painting
That bit there, it was an accident
But he's so pleased
It's the best mistake, he could make
And it's my favourite piece
It's just great."- Kate Bush