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Florist's Patina #0561 Heavy Metal Double-Sided Small Hand-Painted Canvas Backdrop

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Double sided canvas wild! Hand-painted copper patina on one side, neutral-ish beige framed by rouge pink on the reverse. 

Ultraviolet Backdrops Heavy Metal Studies are inspired by the beautifully gritty processes of oxidation and erosion yielding stand out patinas that wear the mark of time.

Features & Info

  • Copper, blue, green, turquoise, beige
  • Finished with matte varnish to offer some water resistance and color fast quality.
  • Small (3'11'x5'10")
  • Medium paint application 
  • 6 lb 1 oz 
  • We engage in creative experimentation and do not claim or seek for perfection.

Shipping and Policies: 

  • Free shipping to all 50 states
  • International clients please inquire about shipping rates
  • All sales are final

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