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Ultraviolet Beige #0195 Large Hand-Painted Canvas Backdrop

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This one is truly Ultraviolet. Warm and cool grays with accents of greens across wisps of light violet cloud. 100% hand-painted canvas.

Features & Info:

  • Some natural lighting + and film stocks quiet the violet clouds offering a soft taupe drop, while others exaggerate them.
  • Large (5'11"x10')
  • Mediumweight paint application
  • 8 lb 12 oz

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    Image of man in overalls shot on film+flash and shared compliments of Clark Clifford. Image of man with mauve shirt shot outdoors in open share on Portra400 shared compliments of Jon Canlas

    “Science cannot tell us a word about why music delights us, of why and how an old song can move us to tears.”- Erwin Schrödinger