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How to Clean Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops

Whether you embrace the signs of use that come from rough and tumble production or prefer a more careful preservation of your backdrops, remember-- backdrops are made to be used and will experience normal wear and tear.

    clean handpainted backdrop stain

    How to remove hair, dust, and dirt from your backdrop 

    More often than not, a few smacks on the backside of the backdrop will loosen dust or dirt. Repeat this action, carefully lifting the area where the backdrop contacts the floor, until the canvas is free of dirt, etc. 

    Still got dirt? Running a barely damp rag (too much water can affect the finish) over the surface of the backdrop will often do the trick. Don't scrub, just lightly brush. This is especially helpful in dry climates where static can make the job more difficult.

      How to remove marks and stains from your backdrop

      We cannot overstate the usefulness of slightly damp microfiber towels to lift light stains or marks. The Kirkland brand variety are a studio staple. 

      Step 1- Starting with very light pressure, wipe trouble area with irregular sweeping motions. 9/10 times this simple technique will remove marks while preserving the  color and texture of your backdrop. Allow canvas time to dry to see results. 

      Not enough?

      Step 2- Add a drop or two of generic dish soap to a small bowl of warm water. Dampen microfiber towel with soapy water and repeat Step 1. Never use a sopping rag as too much water can be damaging and cause water marks. 

      How to remove wrinkles or creases in your backdrop

      Not all wrinkles and creases need to be removed. Clone/heal is a great option for removing unwanted markings, creases etc. Our backdrops feature irregular, organic textures for easy post-processing. 

      Step 1- Hang your backdrop. By simply unrolling the backdrop and allowing it to rest most creases and wrinkles will soften in a few hours, if not overnight.

      Step 2- With your backdrop hung, spray the entire surface with a fine mist of water and allow to dry. 

      Step 2- Lay a damp (not wet) microfiber cloth on the backside of the backdrop opposite the problem area. Allow the increased moisture to soften canvas fibers releasing the crease. 

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