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How to Store Hand Painted Canvas Backdrops

Given appropriate care and attention, hand-painted backdrops can last decades. Follow the simple tried and true tips below and don't hesitate to leave comments and share with your communities. 

How to Prepare Your Backdrop For Storage 

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First, tightly wrap your canvas around the mounting pipe/core.

This requires some practice and patience and, for our XL pieces, we recommend the help of a friend, lover, or good-natured client. We use a forearm burning "push-while-pulling" technique that wraps the canvas tightly.  If your arms aren't a bit sore after wrapping, you're either stronger than us or, your canvas may be a bit loose- be patient and do it again. 

Once wrapped, gently tap one end of the wrapped backdrop on the floor (careful, this can mark wood floors) until the pipe/core is exposed evenly on both ends. This ensures that the exposed core rests on the floor protecting the painted canvas from dust, grime, and wrinkles.

And finally, secure your canvas backdrop with either a piece of gaff/duct tape or the provided canvas remnant ribbon. The tape may need to be replaced with repeated use as it will surely lose its stick. 

Tips for Storing Backdrops

We recommend storing your backdrop vertically, indoors. Vertical storage helps prevent wrinkles, damage, and other mishaps while occupying the least space. Lean the painting securely against a wall, preferably in a corner away from traffic, animals, or small children. 

If you keep your backdrop in a shared studio space, we recommend storing your painting in its box. 

PRO TIP: label the exterior of your box with your backdrop's name, size, and any other pertinent information to keep your collection organized as it grows. 

If you are unable to store the backdrop vertically be certain to never rest other objects on top of your backdrop as pressure can cause wrinkles and other possibly unwanted wear-and-tear

We do NOT recommend storing your backdrop in an outdoor space like a garage or shed. If this is your only storage option you'll want to store your backdrop in its box, securely taped. This attentive care will prevent mice, spiders, and other creepy crawly friends from making a home (or a meal) of your backdrop. 

The cold is NOT kind to backdrops our materials and mediums are not cold-friendly allow plenty of time (a few hours) for your backdrop to adjust to room temperature before using it. Cold temperatures can cause stiffness that may cause flaking, cracking, folding, creasing and other possibly unwanted signs of use.  

To prevent bleaching and fading do NOT store your backdrop in the sunlight. UV exposure is damaging to the color, tone, integrity, and texture of hand-painted surfaces. 

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