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How to Choose a Hand Painted Backdrop Size: A Practical Guide

How to Choose a Hand Painted Backdrop Size: A Practical Guide

Whether you're renting or purchasing a hand painted backdrop: size matters. 

We've written a handy guide to help you determine the best size backdrop for your job. So, what size should you order? That all depends on what you're shooting...
painter and his backdrops
First, grab a measuring tape to reference width and height and consider- 
  • Studio ceiling height
  • Hang preference- do you prefer a sweep (curved canvas for subjects to stand on) or a straight-hang look? Or both?
  • Do you generally shoot single subjects or groups?
  • Do you prefer tighter crops or big generous backdrops with plenty of negative space?

If you're torn between two sizes, we recommend sizing UP! In fact, we recently asked a group of clients if they were happy with the size they purchased and 60% said they wished they had purchased a larger size.  

Take a look at our most common listed backdrop sizes below:  

  • 4'x6' Small is the size for headshots, florists, ceramic artists, product photographers/flatlay stylists and wedding photographers who prefer larger surfaces but don't quite need the 6' width of our medium size.
  • 5'x7' Medium Backdrop in a Bag are designed with the traveling photographer in mind. Sized to maximize versatility Backdrops in a Bag are our most portable, flexible, take anywhere, shoot everywhere backdrops. Painted on lightweight muslin this innovative backdrop weighs just under 3 lb and is the perfect solution for traveling photographers who aim for diverse galleries and quick set-up and tear-down times.
  • 6'x8' Medium are the preferred choice for florists, ceramic artists, and headshot photographers. At 6' wide this size accommodates headshot posing of up to 2 people, fits easily in a car, and travels like a dream.
  • 6'x10' Large is our flagship size framing 1-2 standing subjects beautifully. Makers, photographers, and florists love this essential size.  
  • 8'x12' XLarge is our most popular size. Its abundant 8' width and 12' length offers plenty of shooting space, a short sweep, and plenty of room for movement or small groups.
  • 8x16 XXLarge is the choice of photographers who want everything the 8x12 (XL) offers PLUS an extra 4' of length for a more generous seamless sweep. *This size is exclusive to The Great Salt Lake, Vintage Black, and commissioned pieces, only.  

No matter the size, your backdrop ships free to all 50 US states arriving mounted and rolled on a sturdy tube making storage, travel, and on-location work a breeze.  

All sizes travel safely in any vehicle so long as it has pass-through access between the trunk and front seat; hatch back, sedan- you name it. For more on travel and storage see our blog post "How to Store Hand Painted Backdrops" HERE.

If our standard sizing doesn't suit your needs we offer custom sizing and are happy to work with you. Shoot us a contact us form HERE.  

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